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Virtual Offerings/Packages


Several of the companies on my roster are offering virtual performances and educational packages, as well as being able to tailor to specific needs of the communities. A few companies and their offerings are highlighted here.  Please contact me for more detailed information.



  • Drinks and a Dance

  • The Virtual Velveteen Rabbit* with Study guide and interactive activities

  • Dance works created specifically for film*

  • Master classes/choreographic workshops – packaged or tailored for communities


Margaret Jenkins Dance Company

  • Breathing at the Boundaries* with collaborators: Rinde Eckert, Alexander V. Nichols, Michael Palmer, and original music by Paul Dresher

  • Margaret Jenkins and collaborators can be available for pre and/or post performance discussions

  • Master classes/workshops


Grupo Corpo

  • Master classes built for beginners to professional and University Dance Departments

  • These can be matched with existing works* 


Kota Yamazaki with Mina Nishimura

  • Master classes centered around Butoh and Somatic Exercises

  • Choreographic workshops

  • Teaser to Kota’s new work set on New Zealand’s Footnote Company- part of a full evening called Undercurrent. 


Stephen Petronio Company

  • New Prayer For Now – can incorporate dancers on-screen globally

  • 2 day virtual workshop for globally based dancers to learn Petronio technique and phrases from New Prayer for Now – resulting in virtual participation in the piece

  • Vimeo performances:  American Landscapes* and Lonesome*


Stephanie Lake Company

  • Colossus Engagement

- Package can include:
- Vimeo Performance* (50 minutes), Master Class(s), Q and A with Stephanie


Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana

  • Virtual lecture demonstration performances – 2 different styles:

- Synchronous (partially "live") - a teaching artist presents the story and interactive components in real time over Zoom interspersed with pre-recorded performance segments. Can include audience Q&A.

- Asynchronous - this is a fully pre-recorded video of performance and interactive segments. No Q&A

- Virtual teaching residency - promo*


*Links to film/performance/residencies available upon request

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