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Available In-Person Tours & Projects

2024 / 2025 / 2026


Giordano Dance Chicago / Chicago, IL

Mixed repertory highlighting jazz and contemporary dance - new works choreographed by Al Blackstone to Gershwin - can be performed with local musicians/orchestras

Mythili Prakash / Los Angeles, CA National Dance Project Subsidy
She’s Auspicious - Mythili brings Bharatanatyam to a fresh, contemporary level both in movement and content; Ardha also available - both pieces tour with live music and vocals

Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana / NYC

Quinto Elemento: New full length company work choreographed by Patricia Guerrero. Tablao Flamenco performances – intimate and improvisational – can be performed in alternate spaces (indoor and out), black boxes, bars and nightclubs. Bilingual residencies and workshops with study guides available. Fronteras also available.

L.A. Dance Project / Los Angeles, CA

Triple Bills: Highlighting diverse roster of female choreographers. New full length work: Be Here Now by B. Millepied with music by Andy Akiho; Romeo and Juliet also available

ODC / San Francisco, CA

Path of Miracles - Site specific work with live chorus
Triple Bills: Including works by guest choreographers Amy Seiwert and Dexandro Montalvo; and family production The Velveteen Rabbit

Chitresh Das Dance / San Francisco, CA

Mantram and Invoking the River: Traditional Kathak with contemporary look - choreography: Charlotte Moraga; Original Score by Alam Khan

Stephen Petronio Company /NYC

Petronio pieces: Prayer for Now can be performed with local chorus; American Landscapes; Hardness 10, Untitled Touch; and full Bloodlines Program

7NMS: Marjani Forté-Saunders + Everett Saunders / NYC/LA New to roster

PROPHET - National Dance Project Subsidy
A portraiture on the Emcee/Lyricist. Manifesting as a Memoir, Film, and albu
m, PROPHET’s live performance uses contemporary dance and embodiment to illustrate the transcendental voyage of this artist.


Cloud Gate / Taiwan  New to roster

Lunar Halo and 13 Tongues - Choreography by Cheng Tsung-Lung touring Fall 2024


Chunky Move / Australia

New works: Yung Lung, Token Armies, and 4 x 4 - inspired by The Meeting

Company Wayne McGregor / London

New works: UniVerse, A Dark Crystal Odyssey and Deepstaria. Autobiography also available with JLin playing music live

Joseph Toonga / London  New to roster
Born to Born to Protest/Born to Manifest/Born to Exist - can be performed in flexible spaces, indoors and outdoors. Each section can stand alone or in full as a Triology

Compagnie Marie Chouinard / Montreal

New works: M’M; The Origin of Emotion, Radical Vitality, Solos and Duets; Bosch and other repertory available

Grupo Corpo Dance Theater / Brazil

Estancia and Danca Sinfonica - full evening program performed with local symphony/ orchestra; Gil and Gira and other repertory works to pre-recorded music also available

Stephanie Lake Company / Australia

Award winning choreographer based in Melbourne, Australia. New body of works including Manifesto, Colossus, The Skeleton Tree, Dual, and other works

Dancenorth / Australia

RED – duet performed in enclosed transparent cube; Wayfinder also available


Lucy Guerin, Inc / Australia

Flux Job – new work by Lucy Guerin Inc inspired by the last two tumultuous years. 

Split - provocative female duet and Pendulum also available

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